We cannot assume that in the future the financial capital gained will be able to replace lost natural capital, or that the following generations will be richer than the present one. Over the years, emphasis has shifted away from passenger comfort and convenience toward increased transport of goods across Italy and Europe, which is now the main driver of the construction of the TAV Turin-Lyon. He shows the new line would initially be used by half of the passengers from the existing line, and another 30% would be new clients, totalling 2 million persons per year. (1993)  “Il problema del rumore nei treni ad alta velocità”, Le Strade, n. (2008), I costi per l’alta velocità in Italia sono mediamente il 500% più elevati di quelli francesi, spagnoli e giapponesi, http://associazioni. had mismanaged the TAV Turin-Lyon project however and could not come up with the necessary private funds. Multicriteria Assessment A social multicriteria evaluation (SMCE or MCA) of various indicators or criteria could also be used to demonstrate the plausibility of alternatives to current plans for the development of the TAV. The space needed for the construction yards and the storage of extracted materials will necessitate a loss of cultivable lands, prairies and woods (AA.

Figure 7: Estimation of the goods transiting through the Alps for 2030 (with a total 40MT by rail) red: road connections, blue: railway connections, transparent: rail projects or connections under construction. Other studies by Sienna University’s Geo-technological Centre have shown that over one million cubic meters of materials containing asbestos would be extracted from the tunnel passing under Mount Musiné (Maccheri M. Divided between the Lower and Upper Valleys, the Lower Valley has 66 162 inhabitants with a population density of 468 per km2 (ISTAT, 2001).   The first national march against High Speed happened in 1995 business speed dating milano. Combined with arguments of the likely environmental risks and the weight of debt that would be incurred by the project, the Prud’homme CBA casts serious doubts on the wisdom of TAV and its sustainability. The first regards the potential for negligence in following safety measures and concerns over workers’ security. The second period between 1996 and 1999 was characterised by the development and  reinforcement of the No TAV movement. Over the last decade however, promoters have put more emphasis on goods transport rather than passengers, using the terminology of high capacity instead of high speed.

It has been estimated that the project would employ about 500 workers in the first year growing to 3 000 workers in the fourth year, and 250 workers in the sixth year of construction (AA. Actors Over the years the debate between the project’s proponents and opponents has grown more radicalised. This happens in many environmental conflicts whereby those who hold procedural power can choose to exclude or allow concrete arguments and values into decision-making processes business speed dating milano..
. until 2005 when the European Union discovered the fraud through aTAV-related infraction procedure. As such this body is rejected by the No TAV movement, which suspects that emphasis was only placed on the improvement of the existing line to distract attention from its implicit support for TAV construction. The draft matrix below suggests how an MCA might be structured in order to capture dimensions of reality that cannot be reduced to money values. ..


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